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Streamline Patient Journeys

A better patient experience

Don’t get stuck on patient flow. Let’s make their journeys smoother, every step of the way.

From the moment the patient engages with your health organisation, our technology solutions support you to create a journey that’s streamlined and goes to plan. A journey where the patient is assigned to the right bed. Where the right clinician is assigned to the right patient, at the right time. Where access block is reduced. Where hospital beds are ready. Where more patients can access the care they need without obstruction or delay.

Together, let’s streamline patient journeys.

Real-Time Visibility
Real-time consolidated clinical indicators ensure patient conditions are monitored and managed in an optimal sequence to facilitate effective and timely care.
Optimise the Patient Experience
Assigning the right patient to the right clinician means a better patient experience.
Aligned Workflows
Best practice and guidance can be promoted to align care delivery with preferred models of care.


5 different information systems integrated

By giving staff access to real-time patient data at the bedside, Miya Precision is enhancing patient safety and the clinician experience at MidCentral District Health Board.



10% increase in patients processed in ED within four hours

Royal Darwin Hospital redesigned its patient flow systems with Miya Precision, streamlining patient discharges and reducing delays to improve the patient experience and care planning.



Smart solutions designed for you


Miya Platform

A FHIR-based event platform that transforms inputs from multiple systems to present consolidated and meaningful information.

Miya Emergency

Manage emergency department clinical care and throughput with visibility of key indicators.

Miya Flow

Proactively manage patient stays with access to real-time patient and clinical information.

Miya Access

Streamline bed allocation and management processes to optimise patient experience and resource utilisation.

Miya Specialty

Specialty specific dashboard display of patient lists with clinically relevant information.

Miya Command

Interactive overview of entire organisation to optimise resource utilisation and patient experience.

Miya Assessments

Document patient status with application of risk screening and monitoring assessments aligned to workflow.

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