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Rewind to Rewired: Reflections from our CEO, Kate Quirke

Has the digital healthcare market moved on enough in the last 20 years?  We think it has, but are buyers just going to stick with what they know?  Digitising acute trusts has been a priority in the NHS for the last 20 years. Yet progress has been slow with persistent use of paper, lack of

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Joining data across regions and key opportunities for patient flow

Recently, HTN interviewed Alcidion’s UK Commercial Director, Tom Scott and CTO, Vivek Krishnan on how Alcidion is helping Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) join up data across entire healthcare systems quickly and safely. Joining up data across regions Tom: I would say that a key way to achieve data flow across an ICS is to utilise

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My personal experience managing COVID with Miya Care

Miraculously, despite many close calls, I had managed to dodge COVID over the past two years… until a month ago! After an outing with friends, the tell-tale signs of a cough were present and with a bright red line on a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) my illness was confirmed. I happened to be working on

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Interoperability with Open Standards

Interoperability is critical for the future of healthcare and the desired continuum of care, yet it continues to be a challenge faced by healthcare providers worldwide. Advances in technology have made it possible to move healthcare data efficiently and securely from one system to the next. To achieve this, conventional healthcare software vendors are opting

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Improving Health System Efficiency with Command Centres

Health system performance is always in focus as the demand on healthcare services continues to grow. This will be amplified over the next decade as the baby boomer generation (born between 1946-1964) start to reach their 80s. The COVID 19 pandemic has introduced another substantial demand shock to the system. With increased hospitalisations at the

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Great Software Products are ineffective without Good Implementation

Implementing Software solutions

I have always been curious when visiting healthcare organisations either in a professional, patient or carer capacity, what software are they using, do their people enjoy the experience and what struggles they may be having? To be honest, I probably have asked far too many questions. I have seen the same software used in multiple

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The future of digital health: Orchestrating care

The move to remote working has brought with it some unexpected benefits, such as spending more time with my family, doing up the house and being reacquainted with unfamiliar household machinery like the washing machine. Most surprisingly, it has afforded me more quiet time to just pause and think. While taking the time to ponder

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‘Insight to Eyesight’: How effective clinical decision support achieves high-quality healthcare

Get contextually relevant, research-informed and actionable information to the clinician so they can make a decision about the person who is in their care. This is the goal. Get ‘insight to eyesight’. Barriers On the surface, it seems like a very simple thing to do. One day, we will look at how our technology and

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Miya Precision: A value driven alternate approach to the EMR

There are many varied parts of a typical healthcare organisation. In fact, a healthcare organisation is really a bunch of different, but partially connected, businesses that share the same building and carpark. From Patient Administration, Emergency and Pathology to Radiology, Pharmacy and Maternity – the list goes on! However, this presents a challenge for healthcare

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Alcidion’s Miya Solution for COVID-19 and Beyond

The coronavirus pandemic has placed immense pressure on global economies, policies and societies in general and its impact is no more apparent than on the healthcare industry on the front lines. Our healthcare industry was already facing the prospect of significant transformation as a result of capacity and efficiency challenges, as well as legacy IT

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Top four digital transformation trends in healthcare

Remember the days when health care delivery was confined to the four walls of the hospital and involved lengthy hospital stays? Doctors and nurses often suffered “alarm fatigue” from pagers and paper was used to record patient health data and stored in overflowing storage departments, with clinicians spending valuable time deciphering hand-written clinical notes –

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Reimagining the future of healthcare with mobile

Over the last few years, electronic medical record systems (EMRs) have emerged as a priority investment area for healthcare organisations, with penetration around 60-70 per cent of Australian hospitals (beds). While these systems are great at storing patient data and keeping a digital record of patients’ medical history, healthcare professionals today are experiencing a variety

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