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Addressing Challenges in the User Experience with A Human-Centered Design Approach

When it comes to building virtual care solutions, designing an intuitive user experience is key. However, challenges can arise in the user experience when developers fail to consider the solution from the perspective of different user personas. Take for instance, Alcidion’s smartphone app, Miya Care, which empowers patients to remotely share clinical data with their

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My personal experience managing COVID with Miya Care

Miraculously, despite many close calls, I had managed to dodge COVID over the past two years… until a month ago! After an outing with friends, the tell-tale signs of a cough were present and with a bright red line on a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) my illness was confirmed. I happened to be working on

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Virtual and Remote Care – The Digital Solution

As technology adoption evolves in healthcare, opportunities to reinvigorate the way we provide care expand. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digitally-enabled methods of care, demonstrating that technology facilitates safer patient outcomes and addresses multiple challenges. It has long been recognised that patients recuperate better at home than in hospital. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for chronic and

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Report: COVID-19 digital assessments and live dashboards at acute NHS hospital sites

Great Software Products are ineffective without Good Implementation

In the acute hospital setting, the COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges to patient care, including accurate recognition of cases, confirmation of both testing requests and results, establishing patient acuity and alerting to deterioration. Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust has published a report titled ‘COVID-19 Recognition and Digital Risk Stratification‘ on its experience introducing Alcidion’s digital

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Murrumbidgee LHD signs contract for Miya Precision

Alcidion is pleased to announce it has signed two contracts with Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) to continue use of Alcidion’s Miya Precision platform, including the Miya MEMRe mobile application and for related professional services. Earlier this year, Murrumbidgee LHD elected to use Miya Precision for a period of 12 months from 1 January 2020.

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Alcidion’s Miya Solution for COVID-19 and Beyond

The coronavirus pandemic has placed immense pressure on global economies, policies and societies in general and its impact is no more apparent than on the healthcare industry on the front lines. Our healthcare industry was already facing the prospect of significant transformation as a result of capacity and efficiency challenges, as well as legacy IT

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