Webinar: Optimising Referral Management and Outpatient Clinic Operations

“Everyone is following the same pathways – so now one service can see where another service is at, or be able to easily tell when looking at a patient’s referrals where the patient is along their patient journey.”

The ongoing triage and management of referrals into outpatient clinics is critical to ensuring that patients receive timely, effective care. At Tasmanian Health Organisation – North (THO-N), an opportunity was identified to streamline and standardise the many varied workflows and practices utilised by the various clinical teams operating out of the Northern Integrated Care Service (NICS). Solutions to problems were identified in Referral Management, On the Day Management of Clinics and recording and tracking appointment outcomes, amongst other areas.

Presented by our special guest, Jan Coull, Senior eHealth Project Officer at THO-N, this webinar details the journey taken by the Northern Integrated Care Service team as they standardised workflows and tuned the operational performance of their clinics.

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optimising referral management and outpatient clinic operations webinar

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