Reducing record hospital wait times that cost Australian lives

In this episode of the Talking HealthTech podcast, Kate Quirke from Alcidion and Martin Moszczynski from Olinqua discuss their collaboration to tackle some challenges that hospitals face. By using real-time data and technology, they plan to simplify hospital automation, aiming to enhance processes and patient outcomes.

Meet the Partners

Olinqua, founded by Martin Moszczynski, deals with hospital automation to improve support services for patient care. Their focus is on using real-time data to enable quick responses, aiming for a smooth hospital experience.

Alcidion, under CEO Kate Quirke, works in healthcare informatics. They use data to find ways to better manage healthcare. Mainly, they concentrate on patient flow, where insights from data enhance patient movement through healthcare systems.

Power of Collaboration

Olinqua and Alcidion share a goal to create a command centre using both companies’ strengths. They plan to empower healthcare workers by combining clinical data from Alcidion with Olinqua’s operational data, providing a complete, real-time view of a hospital‘s operations. The partnership is designed to support hospital operation centres, aiming for significant improvements in healthcare delivery.

Miya Central

Miya Central plans to aid hospital operations by supplying healthcare facilities with advanced analytics. This platform will help hospitals identify and fix operational inefficiencies. It targets areas like Access Block and Ramping, Patient Flow and Length of Stay (LOS), and Discharge Management and Readmittance. By providing real-time metrics and visuals, Miya Central aims to better track assets, enhance safety, simplify workflows, and coordinate improvements across healthcare networks.

Role of Data

Digital data in healthcare offers new ways to increase efficiency. Technological advancements now allow data to be collected, analysed, and used for planning and decision-making.

Enhancing Decision Support

With ample data, healthcare providers can use algorithms to predict future events, like patient admissions or bed availability. The Olinqua and Alcidion collaboration can help hospitals move towards intelligent systems that offer real-time decision support.

Solving Healthcare Challenges

Olinqua and Alcidion’s collaboration might help address ongoing healthcare problems such as ambulance ramping and emergency department wait times. By integrating various data sources, the partnership aims to find bottlenecks, predict shortages, and take action before problems worsen, improving patient care.

Technology as an Enabler

Combining data-driven insights with technology may be key to modern healthcare solutions. Automation and streamlined processes allow clinicians more time for patient care, potentially leading to better outcomes and satisfaction.

Future of Healthcare Efficiency

The partnership between Olinqua and Alcidion signifies a step towards using data and technology to build flexible and scalable solutions. As these innovations progress, they may help hospitals globally with smoother processes and enhanced patient experiences, contributing to the evolution of the healthcare industry standards.