Miya Precision, Virtual Care
Sydney Local Health District (SLHD)
At the beginning of 2020, Sydney Local Health District (Sydney LHD) launched RPA Virtual Hospital (rpavirtual), a fully integrated virtual hospital which played a leading role in the health district’s response to COVID-19 and has now provided technology-enabled care to tens of thousands of patients.
Clinical Workflow, Smartpage
Townsville Hospital & Health Services
Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS) was looking for solutions to improve after-hours workflow, reduce task interruption due to excessive phone calls to clinical teams and the communication between ward staff and after-hours teams at Townsville University Hospital.
Miya Flow, Miya Noting, Miya Observations and Assessments, Miya Precision, Miya Record, Modern Modular EMR
South Tees Modern Modular EPR
Miya Precision has enabled South Tees to digitise patient care processes and records while providing a trust-wide orchestration layer to integrate new clinical data with patient data in existing trust systems – a modern, modular EPR.
Clinical Workflow, Miya Observations and Assessments, Smartpage
Manx Care, Isle of Man
Manx Care, Isle of Man were looking for solutions to replace an outdated legacy paging system with a modern progressive method of communication. To address this challenge, Manx Care embarked on a project with Alcidion to deploy Smartpage Clinical.
Clinical Workflow, Patientrack, Smartpage
Te Whatu Ora – Nelson Marlborough
Nelson Marlborough Health partnered with Alcidion to implement Smartpage Clinical to support clinical communication requirements and task management solutions.
Miya Observations and Assessments, Modern Modular EMR
Queensland Health
Alcidion and NextGate Solutions partnered to deliver Queensland Health’s Referral Service Directory, a state-wide service connecting the primary health sector with tertiary referral centres across Queensland.
Clinical Workflow, Miya Flow, Miya Noting, Miya Precision
NHS Fife
NHS Fife has realised significant achievements in improving patient safety and care delivery in the deployment of Alcidion’s Patientrack solution (now known as Miya Observations and Miya Assessments), embracing the bedside observation capture and risk screening assessment tools.
Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Early warning system enables clinicians to reduce cardiac arrests and identify and respond to other potentially fatal conditions including sepsis and AKI.
Miya Emergency, Miya Flow, Miya Specialty, Patient Flow
Royal Darwin Hospital
This hospital redesigned its patient flow systems with Miya Precision, streamlining patient discharges and reducing delays to improve the patient experience and care planning.
Clinical Workflow, Smartpage
Capital and Coast District Health Board
With Smartpage, this hospital improved communication, visibility, efficiency, and most importantly, patient safety.
Clinical Workflow, Miya Observations and Assessments, Smartpage
Waitemata District Health Board
By using Miya to replace paper-based observation recording, automate EWS calculations and deliver this information to staff on mobile devices in real-time, this DHB has improved patient care and productivity.
Data and Analytics, Miya Flow, Patient Flow
The Kolling Institute of Medical Research
Improving research and patient outcomes by linking public and private health datasets.

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