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Patient Safety
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Alcidion share Red Rose Award with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals
Software which supports quality improvements implemented at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust helped Burnley-based Alcidion win a Red Rose award for ‘Digital’ at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool in March. The award, which Alcidion have shared with the Trust, was given to recognise the significant improvements in patient safety following…
Digital Health
How to get patients flowing: 12 uses of AI to unblock hospitals 
There is a great deal of focus given to the use of explainable AI in diagnostic applications, supporting clinicians in improving both the accuracy of diagnosis and in the speed to arrive at a diagnosis. A recent article titled ‘The AI will see you now’ published in the Wall Street…
Data & Analytics
Insights, Miya Flow
How command centres are driving safe, efficient patient flow through hospital and beyond
Every day, our integrated care systems manage the delicate balance of providing the care patients need, whilst creating capacity to support new patients as they come into the system. This task is more complex than it may seem, with a wide range of constraints including management of staffing levels, bed…
Patient Engagement
Insights, Miya Precision
How we overcome challenges with the human centred design process
Designing for a successful user experience is critical in virtual care. At Alcidion, we are committed to our human centred design process however good design comes with an interesting set of challenges.   In Miya Care, our smartphone app, patients can remotely provide clinical care information back to their care team…

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