Te Whatu Ora MidCentral upgrade to Miya Precision on Alcidion Cloud

Alcidion is pleased to announce that Te Pae Hauora o Ruahine o Tararua MidCentral District (MidCentral) has recently completed a substantial upgrade to Miya Precision, an important milestone in their digital maturity journey. 

Situated in the southern region of New Zealand’s North Island, the MidCentral District serves a population of approximately 190,000 residents. MidCentral is committed to delivering healthcare that is simpler and more coordinated; a mission they advanced when they implemented Alcidion’s Miya Precision Platform in 2018. This platform consolidates data from nine different clinical information systems to provide real-time visualisation and insights to the care team. Within this platform, three key modules—Miya Flow, Access, and Command—were deployed to enhance patient flow and bed management. Since implementation, MidCentral has reported significant time savings that keep the patient journey as smooth as possible. 

In April 2023, Palmerston North Hospital and Horowhenua Health Centre migrated from local, on-premises hosting to the Alcidion Cloud-managed service, a first for Alcidion’s New Zealand customer base. This move to the cloud provides the district with greater flexibility to scale and adapt to meet evolving industry demands.  

This migration was coupled with an upgrade of the Miya Precision platform, paving the way for future improvements with increased automation and smarter technology. As a result, MidCentral can realise even greater benefits, including enhanced operational efficiency, reduced administrative burdens, and ultimately, better patient outcomes. This upgrade and migration will make it easier to implement and access the latest features, providing a modern user interface that assists clinical teams in data input while offering improved visibility of patient information. 

Sarah Donnelly, Senior Duty Nurse Manager – Patient Flow at Palmerston North Hospital, said, “We first adopted Miya Precision in 2018. This upgrade has provided us an opportunity to refresh and redefine our platform utilisation. We can now focus on streamlining referrals, eliminating unnecessary paper-based tasks, and creating real-time digital referrals for Allied Health input and other specialty clinical services. We are excited about our ongoing partnership with Alcidion and the positive impact this solution, along with future enhancements, will have on improving the patient experience.” 

The district’s move to the Alcidion Cloud-managed service highlights not only their adaptability, but also their proactive approach, future-proofing their digital environment to meet the evolving needs of both clinicians and patients.  

Florian Stroehle, Director of Strategy and International Business Development at Alcidion, said, “Te Pae Hauora o Ruahine o Tararua MidCentral District was the first organisation worldwide to implement the Miya Precision Platform, and we are thrilled to continue supporting their team as they advance and improve their digital infrastructure. This upgrade represents significant progress in our shared mission with MidCentral to establish an interoperable and efficient digital healthcare environment.”