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Managing patient progress

Vital signs are a key indicator in monitoring a patient’s condition. Trends in captured observations provide the clinical team with insight to patient progress and support proactive intervention.  Rather than passively recorded on a paper chart at the bedside, this information needs to be shared as soon as it is recorded.

Miya Observations, previously known as Patientrack, provides access to real-time information aligned with local workflows. This means care teams will be more responsive to changes in patient status, focusing on those patients immediately in need.

How it works

Real-time monitoring

You define the vital signs that you want to be captured and the calculations that are applied to determine the resultant monitoring score. An intuitive user interface, accessible via a tablet, facilitates real-time bedside capture.

Scoring regimes can be defined to manage different cohorts of patients. Schedules are associated with the requirements of the service and can be adjusted to suit the requirements of an individual patient.

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Many regions have developed their own system of scoring to monitor patient deterioration. Miya Observations can be configured to support these data capture requirements and scoring calculations. The metrics and formats used to capture the nominated vital signs can be built into the product to promote accuracy and compliance. Aligned with nurse rounding workflows, Miya Observations brings to life the key data used to monitor patients.

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