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Miya Precision
Interoperability with Open Standards
Interoperability is critical for the future of healthcare and the desired continuum of care, yet it continues to be a challenge faced by healthcare
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Life at Alcidion
Initiation and Planning – setting up for success
The theory behind project management and software delivery at Alcidion is well documented to ensure we take a consistent and proven approach to our
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Life at Alcidion
An evolving digital career path: Health Information Manager to Product Manager
What is a HIM HIM stands for Health Information Manager, a profession that evolved in the 1980s and 1990s from the traditional schools of Medical
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Miya Precision, Operations Centre, Patient Flow
Improving Health System Efficiency with Command Centres
Health system performance is always in focus as the demand on healthcare services continues to grow This will be amplified over the next decade as
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Miya Precision, Virtual Care
Virtual and Remote Care – The Digital Solution
As technology adoption evolves in healthcare, opportunities to reinvigorate the way we provide care expand The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated
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Evidenced Based Project Management
Implementing software in a healthcare environment is complex A few months ago, I shared some of the key factors for a successful software
Implementing Software solutions
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Great Software Products are ineffective without Good Implementation
I have always been curious when visiting healthcare organisations either in a professional, patient or carer capacity, what software are they using,
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Better Meds
How Better’s Electronic Medication Management solution integrates with Alcidion’s products
Better Meds is a closed-loop medication management system developed to replace paper-based processes for reconciliation, prescribing, pharmacist
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Miya Precision, Specialised Care
Five ways to improve patient care in the emergency department
The emergency department (ED) is designed for rapid patient care, quickly prioritising and responding to each emergency case arriving at the hospital
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What will 2021 hold for digital health?
Remote monitoring Video consultations Contact tracing Social distancing These coronavirus-inspired terms have become a part of our daily vernacular
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Miya Precision, Modern Modular EPR, Patientrack
Inside mission control: Monklands
Alcidion’s Patientrack software is at the heart of a futuristic command centre that is transforming patient care in the Lanarkshire hospital You
Alcidion Year In Review
Blogs & Perspectives
A year in review for the healthcare industry
2020 has brought more change and challenges than many could have imagined The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated lives and livelihoods across the

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