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Miya Precision, Specialised Care
Five ways to improve patient care in the emergency department
The emergency department (ED) is designed for rapid patient care, quickly prioritising and responding to each emergency case arriving at the hospital
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What will 2021 hold for digital health?
Remote monitoring Video consultations Contact tracing Social distancing These coronavirus-inspired terms have become a part of our daily vernacular
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Miya Precision, Modern Modular EPR, Patientrack
Inside mission control: Monklands
Alcidion’s Patientrack software is at the heart of a futuristic command centre that is transforming patient care in the Lanarkshire hospital You
Alcidion Year In Review
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A year in review for the healthcare industry
2020 has brought more change and challenges than many could have imagined The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated lives and livelihoods across the
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The future of digital health: Orchestrating care
The move to remote working has brought with it some unexpected benefits, such as spending more time with my family, doing up the house and being
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Miya Precision
‘Insight to Eyesight’: How effective clinical decision support achieves high-quality healthcare
Get contextually relevant, research-informed and actionable information to the clinician so they can make a decision about the person who is in their
Great Software Products are ineffective without Good Implementation
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Report: COVID-19 digital assessments and live dashboards at acute NHS hospital sites
In the acute hospital setting, the COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges to patient care, including accurate recognition of cases,
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Miya Precision, Modern Modular EPR
Miya Precision: A value driven alternate approach to the EMR
There are many varied parts of a typical healthcare organisation In fact, a healthcare organisation is really a bunch of different, but partially
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How to solve healthcare’s identity challenge
Patient identity matching is one of healthcare’s most perennial challenges Accurate medical records are crucial for the continuity of care of
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How Alcidion’s solutions align with your healthcare IT needs
One year has passed since we introduced the new Alcidion brand, our vibrant logo and updated website Our conversations with healthcare organisations
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Miya Analytics, Miya Precision
How to realise the significant value of your healthcare data
The data puzzle. The digitisation of health records through the adaptation of computerised systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
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How to make electronic prescribing and medication administration a success
There is strong evidence on how electronic prescribing and medicines administration systems – also known as ePMA in the UK and a range of other

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