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Enterprise-wide management

Increased demand is amplifying the need to effectively manage available resources and optimise utilisation.

Whether managing a single facility or a network of healthcare organisations, Miya Command provides real-time access to consolidated data – helping you see available capacity, utilisation status and potential mismatches.

We empower you to action and drill down to the underlying detail.

How it works

Effective management

Miya Command will ingest data from your relevant source systems and align with information available from Miya Flow and Miya Access to display the expected demand in the context of available resources. This graphical real-time visualisation will immediately highlight potential constraints.

Status indicators provide visual cues to highlight areas of potential over and under-utilisation. This information supports all patient movements across an episode of care, from admission through to discharge and beyond.


Your control centre will have full enterprise visibility of the overall capacity and the necessary information to make informed decisions. The resultant efficiencies will ensure optimal utilisation and minimise wastage.

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