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Streamline patient journeys

The patient journey is the transition of a patient through a series of clinical processes, each with some form of logistics support.

Clinical processes draw on the scarce, high-value skills and experience of clinicians and are critical to achieving the best patient outcomes and ensuring clinical safety. Logistics support these clinical processes, with services such as referrals, scheduling, transfers and delivery of materials. However, if the logistics are poorly structured, they waste valuable clinical time and do not facilitate optimal care delivery.

Miya Flow addresses these two perspectives to support effective and efficient management of the patient stay.

How it works

Linking clinical and logistic processes

A patient flow system should ensure that every patient journey is safe, clinically effective, satisfying for both patients and staff and is as efficient as possible.  Miya Flow supports the optimal sequencing of clinical and logistic processes to facilitate timely and effective care.

Miya Flow’s intuitive real-time display supports clinicians in patient care management. It is customised to the service needs and highlights key information concerning patient status.  By consolidating information from a range of disparate sources, clinicians have streamlined access to an overall picture of what is happening with their patients, their service and their care locations.

Miya Flow enables capture and collaboration with the entire care team of other relevant journey information not captured in existing electronic systems or handled currently via paper or whiteboard processes.

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South Tees Modern Modular EPR
Miya Precision has enabled South Tees to digitise patient care processes and records while providing a trust-wide orchestration layer to integrate new clinical data with patient data in existing trust systems – a modern, modular EPR.
Clinical Workflow, Miya Flow, Miya Noting, Miya Precision
NHS Fife
NHS Fife has realised significant achievements in improving patient safety and care delivery in the deployment of Alcidion’s Patientrack solution (now known as Miya Observations and Miya Assessments), embracing the bedside observation capture and risk screening assessment tools.
Miya Emergency, Miya Flow, Miya Specialty, Patient Flow
Royal Darwin Hospital
This hospital redesigned its patient flow systems with Miya Precision, streamlining patient discharges and reducing delays to improve the patient experience and care planning.
Data and Analytics, Miya Flow, Patient Flow
The Kolling Institute of Medical Research
Improving research and patient outcomes by linking public and private health datasets.


The intuitive graphical representation of key patient criteria supports staff in the management of the patient stay and immediately highlights activities that need attention.  Whether accessed by an individual user on their device or displayed as a digital patient journey board, Miya Flow provides relevant and timely information.  Clinicians can easily access the full details of the patient record via drill down into Miya Record.

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