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Effective bed allocation

Ensuring patients are allocated to the most appropriate bed improves patient care and promotes efficiency. Realisation of efficiencies is reliant on access to real-time shared information rather than static information recorded manually in a spreadsheet or on a clipboard.

Miya Access provides enterprise-wide visibility. We help increase your ability to determine status, avoid unnecessary transfers during an inpatient stay and improve patient satisfaction.

How it works

Sharing information

Miya Access supports effective decision-making on the proactive, clinically relevant allocation of patients to the most suitable bed. It promotes optimal management of the patient stay and contributes to improved utilisation of available resources.

The bed management function achieves this due to tight integration with Miya Flow, using clinical data, including patient risk and needs, to inform bed allocation decisions. Access Managers have visibility of all patient movements and can directly action allocations to streamline the patient journey.


Miya Access provides a summary view of each ward, grouped by hospital and ward type (i.e. division). The summary view shows the number of beds available and all counts that contribute to the bed availability figure. Access managers have all information readily available to progress the most appropriate allocation.

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