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Reducing the documentation load

Comprehensive and accurate noting tells the story of the patient and their experience with your healthcare organisation. Many computerised noting solutions are based on automating paper records and create cumbersome workflows for clinicians.

Our digital documentation tools align with the clinical workflow and complement the care process. Providing invaluable information for current care requirements and safer patient care.

How it works

Smart clinical documentation

The process of clinical documentation needs to support patient engagement and the associated clinical workflow. Templates that complement these engagements mean that documentation becomes a by-product of clinical engagement.

Miya Noting supports all clinical documentation required throughout the patient’s episode of care. Clinicians are presented with information already available in the patient record so they have instant access to the full context.


Document sections are expanded relevant to the patient and their condition.  Relevant clinical information is retrieved in context and local best practice is automated to minimise the documentation burden. Patient context is used to actively monitor clinical risk and suggest mitigation options.

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