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Deriving value from documentation

Clinical documentation is extensive across care delivery, but too often data recorded is unstructured, lacks format and does not deliver its true value. Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology transcribes verbal clinician notes and then uses AI to detect and categorise themes.

Miya Language improves the scope and quality of clinical coding by highlighting additional information from the patient record, allowing clinicians to validate and extend the narrative describing the patient condition. It provides immediate impact on the quality and completeness of clinical documentation and coding.

How it works

Smart clinical documentation

Using the capabilities available with NLP, Miya Language assesses all data available across all documentation types to suggest terms and concepts that will enrich the information in the patient record and contribute to improved clinical coding.

Clinical documentation is scanned in real-time to identify clinical risk and highlight areas of complexity.  Identified concepts are highlighted in the documentation referencing a standard terminology such as SNOMED-CT and can instantly be added to the patient’s record.


Concepts are identified from free text using real-time NLP. Clinicians confirm the concepts in the documentation process and instantly add their findings to the patient record. Application of learning models continuously improve the process.

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