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Longitudinal health record

Access to a complete patient history is a vital step in the care delivery process. In the current environment, a full patient record can often only be accessed by interrogating multiple systems and paper records.

Miya Record consolidates data and patient interactions not only to provide clinicians with the information needed to deliver care, but to also align with a meaningful structure to provide a baseline for the application of clinical decision support (CDS).

How it works

Consolidated patient reference

Miya Record provides a consolidated view of all patient data and interactions by grouping together common information to support ease of reference. This longitudinal record summarises information captured in Miya Precision as well as the data collected from the associated feeder systems.

Relevant detail is presented graphically to allow trends to be monitored and critical events to be quickly assessed. Active and historical information is presented in a meaningful summary.


Display of Miya Record provides the context of the current episode of care. Sharing this information across all clinicians ensures they are aware of the overall patient engagement.

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