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Patient information tailored to your needs

There are many specialist groups across a healthcare organisation that all have different information demands and needs. Their patient care is focused on different risk monitors, assessments and workflow.

Miya Specialty dashboards provide clinicians with face-up access to information relevant to their service. When the information is available in the context of an aligned clinical workflow, it contributes to improved patient care.

How it works

Customised clinically relevant information

Miya Specialty dashboards present real-time interactive information aligned with your individual requirements or your specialty. The Specialty dashboards include the key indicators that are relevant to you ensuring you always know what is happening.

Patient lists are qualified based on your criteria resulting in more focus and easier access to information. All clinically relevant data is available in one place and presented in a meaningful paradigm. Miya Specialty also supports virtual care monitoring for patients receiving care at home or in the community.


Specialist areas have different information needs to manage and monitor their patients.  Miya Specialty provides options to customise the display to allow you to monitor the specific needs of individual specialties.

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