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Managing the front door

The Emergency Department (ED) is often described as the “front door” of the hospital. From the perspective of the urgent care demands and the volume of presentations, the ED needs visibility of information to effectively manage risk, care delivery and patient throughput.

Data is important. Miya Emergency translates your data and presents it in a meaningful way, immediately contributing to the overall management of the ED. It provides all staff awareness of patient status with tailored information highlighting key results and events.

How it works

Tailored emergency workflow

Miya Emergency is a specialty dashboard tailored to the ED workflow, displaying the key indicators that support the clinical and managerial perspectives of patient care in this specialised care setting.

A typical implementation includes tracking Time to First Seen, Length of Stay (LOS) against targets (e.g. National Emergency Access Targets (NEAT) in Australia), tasks, diagnostic results, referrals and consultation requests.  It will also display the status of bed requests, ward readiness and orderly transfer requests.


Waiting times in the ED are critical indicators that are reported throughout and beyond the healthcare organisation. Performance against these targets is an ongoing responsibility. Miya Emergency supports this process through an intuitive display that reflects the pending time to the target.

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