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A plug-and-play intelligent command centre providing real-time insights and predictive analytics

Miya Central realises the vision of the digitally enabled healthcare system with out-of-the-box patient flow dashboards and real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics. The solution is designed to equip both leadership and operations teams with insights and alerts to swiftly identify operational inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions.  

How it works

Out-of-the-box analytics

Healthcare organisations are grappling with the growing demand for services, which strains their already limited resources, including staff and available beds.

Miya Central has been built to address these challenges with out-of-the-box analytics targeting patient flow, access block, and the identification of progression of care challenges. Evidence has shown that improving patient flow and progression of care increases system capacity and shortens length of stay in the ED. Miya Central offers real-time data visualisation and predictive capability to address capacity shortfalls and identify vulnerabilities that negatively impact patient care. By employing sophisticated automated workflows, Miya Central empowers regional and national provider networks to gain insights across the system, fostering coordinated system-wide improvements. 

Miya Central capabilities can be extended with the operational integration capabilities of Olinqua’s intelligent automation platform. The integrated data presents decision-makers and staff with rapid and transparent monitoring of patient and healthcare system status, including both patient-centric care data and core facility information like power, HVAC, security, and fire alarms. 


The solution is built on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), a standard for healthcare data exchange. This enables seamless integration with healthcare systems and interoperability with various healthcare data sources.

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