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Smart clinical care

The application of modern technologies such as clinical decision support (CDS) and artificial intelligence (AI) to real-time events relieves the cognitive burden on clinicians.

Miya Logic harnesses the power of IT to process large volumes of data and present results in a meaningful paradigm. This means clinicians can devote time normally spent sorting through disparate records to direct patient care.

How it works

Clinical decision support

Miya Logic issues real-time critical notifications to relevant clinicians. The CDS engine provides real-time alerts to reduce clinical risk and prevent poor patient outcomes.

CDS outputs integrate with clinical workflows to improve productivity and reduce the cognitive load on clinical staff trying to do the right thing. Workflow integration is achieved using visual dashboards and mobile apps that are configured for individual specialties.


Application of relevant clinical decision support logic and rules allows you to determine what is critical and what action should be taken to align with your local practice. Automating the notification process means that critical events are not missed.

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