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Realise the value of your data

Many traditional healthcare systems are very good at capturing data and are not always that great at providing access to that data.  The Miya Reporting capability deployed with Miya Precision provides customers with ready access to their data – whether recorded directly in the Platform or sourced from a third-party system.  The resultant data can be used to populate existing data warehouses or with preferred business intelligence tools resulting in a smooth transition for healthcare staff.

Increased digitisation of health care resulted in an exponential growth in data captured.  Streamlined access to this comprehensive data set provides healthcare providers with a valuable point of reference to not only understand what is happening today but what may happen in the future.

How it works

Transforming data to information

The data model is non-proprietary and aligned with the FHIR Standard resulting in an understandable schema with relevant data structures.  It supports both operational reporting as well as analysis and planning and can be used with a single patient focus or a perspective across the enterprise.  The “marriage” of clinical and operational data means that a broader understanding of the key drivers impacting care delivery can be interrogated.

Access to this source data provides healthcare organisations with the power to transform the findings to provide meaningful information.  Where this be to improve the safety and quality of care delivery and care co-ordination through to supporting clinical trial candidate identification and improving efficiency and effectiveness, the extensive data set results in answers to these important challenges.

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