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Monitor, track and action patient results

Miya Precision provides extensive capability to manage diagnostic results both within and post an episode of care. Abnormal and critical results are highlighted for immediate attention throughout the solution. 

To address the specific management of delayed results, Miya Results Tracking is a comprehensive results management solution with an intuitive design that supports clinicians in the management of results that are received post patient discharge. 

How it works

Comprehensive Results Visibility

Diagnostic requests can be issued at all stages of care delivery.  In some instances, the corresponding result may not be received before the patient is discharged.  For example, histopathology where the investigation can take multiple days.  The responsibility for acknowledgement of these results can sometimes be missed given that patient is no longer receiving active care. 

Miya Results Tracking helps care teams manage diagnostic reports with at-a-glance dashboards of each patients’ complete result record post discharge. Results are linked to the responsible clinician and specialty to complete the review and acknowledgement process.  

Configuration is available to support different results acknowledgement workflows and highlight relevant information of interest to your care teams. This helps to minimise organisational change management and tailor practice to the needs of the specialty.  

Powering this module is our Miya Precision platform, which ingests and standardises data from different systems in an organisation to create a single data repository. Clinicians can quickly identify risks using intuitive indicators of results and abnormal findings. 


Results are delivered electronically in real-time with direct access to related imagery and reports, enabling clinicians to access and review results in a single interface, providing an optimal workflow experience. 

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